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Vietnam: Follow-Up Study In the summer of 1971, the U.S. military forces in Vietnam were being rapidly reduced. To deplete the forces there quickly, many men were being sent home before the usual tour... Read more
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Fiction and Memoirs, Vietnam The Vietnam War spawned a large number of informative and artistically successful memoirs and novels. These personal accounts and works of fiction helped readers to unders... Read more
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Who Served in Vietnam? Approximately 2.5 million Americans served in the Vietnam War, but this figure tells only part of a complex and controversial story. At issue in the controversy is whether men w... Read more
5,566 words, approx. 19 pages
The Agony of Vietnam The Vietnam War (1954–75) was a war like no other in American history. It was America's longest war: military advisors were in the country from 1954 until 1975, and ... Read more
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Fighting the French U.S. Policy in Vietnam War Starts Between the United States and Vietnam A Limited War Fighting the War The Tet Offensive The Media and the War War Protests America Begins to Get O... Read more