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Valis Summary
Philip K. Dick

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Valis Summary

Plot Summary

Valis follows the spiritual quest of author Philip K. Dick and his alter ego, Horselover Fat, as an extraterrestrial power draws him towards its Gnostic message of the conquest of evil and death.

Valis by Philip K. Dick is a fictionalized, partial autobiography. Phil, a successful science fiction author, narrates the story but often in Fat's voice, claiming that this provides objectivity. Phil is a cool, pragmatic individual while Fat is a rich Renaissance mind disintegrating into insanity. Fat attempts suicide twice before he first confides to Phil in March of 1974 vivid dreams about three-eyed people. He sees St. Elmo's Fire and takes on a new, unfamiliar personality. Some of the information transmitted to him in a burst of pink laser light saves son Christopher's life, for it reveals an overlooked hernia, which is successfully repaired.

Fat also experiences troubling visions of rushing, floating colors and visions of...

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