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607 words, approx. 3 pages
Utopia "Utopia" is a term that English statesman and author Thomas More coined in the early sixteenth century in his novel of the same name. It is derived from two Greek words:Eutopia (m... Read more
2,754 words, approx. 10 pages
Utopia UTOPIA. The term utopia (from the Greek ou-topos, "no place," or eutopos, "good place," and evidently coined as a pun by Thomas More for the title of his book publis... Read more
13,453 words, approx. 45 pages
Utopianism Overview History Theory in Depth Theory in Action Analysis and Critical Response Topics for Further Study Bibliography See Also Overview From the writings of ancient Greece to the mos... Read more
3,931 words, approx. 14 pages
Utopian Analysis and Design NOTE: Although the following article has not been revised for this edition of the Encyclopedia, the substantive coverage is currently appropriate. The editors have provided... Read more
4,471 words, approx. 15 pages
Utopias and Utopianism The word utopia was invented by Thomas More, who published his famous Utopia (in Latin) in 1516. More coupled the Greek words ou (no, or not) and topos (place) to invent a name ... Read more
3,011 words, approx. 11 pages
Utopia and Utopian Ideals Introduction The idea of a perfect world can be uniquely individual. For some, it would be a society without war or violence. For others, it would be a world based on equalit... Read more
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