Two Suns in the Sky Summary
Miriam Bat-Ami

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Two Suns in the Sky Summary

Two Suns in the Sky is both a historical telling of the Jews' plight in post-World War II America and a love story between two fifteen-year-olds, Christine (Chris) Cook, a Catholic American, and Adam Bornstein, a Jewish Holocaust survivor from Yugoslavia.

Adam and his family live with nearly a thousand other refugees in Fort Ontario, a refugee camp in Oswego, New York, and Chris lives in the town of Oswego, among narrow-minded and prejudiced people, like her father, who feel a hostility toward the refugees and a hatred of their culture. BatAmi's book is about a culture clash, and it chronicles the tense relations between Jews and Americans at a place and time in history when both groups had to struggle to reconcile two worlds. Chris and Adam ignore the culture clash and create a world of their own when Chris sneaks into the camp, meets Adam, and...

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