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Tundra Tundra is treeless vegetation found at high elevation in mountains and in many landscapes of the Arctic. Collectively, ecosystems with tundra vegetation are grouped into the tundra biome. A dis... Read more
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Tundra How Tundra Develops Kinds of Tundras Climate Geography of Tundras Plant Life Animal Life Human Life The Food Web Spotlight on Tundras For More Information In the northern lands close to the Arc... Read more
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Tundra Tundra is the land type of the Arctic and subarctic regions. With long cold winters, short cool summers, and low precipitation, the soils of the tundra are thin or absent, and the vegetation is... Read more
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Tundra Tundra is a generic term for a type of low-growing ecosystem found in climatically stressed environments. Latitudinal tundra occurs in the Arctic and Antarctic, environments with cool and short... Read more
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