Tropic of Capricorn Summary
Henry Miller

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Tropic of Capricorn Summary

is always the case in Miller's Asauto-novels, it is the narrative consciousness and sensibility of the author that is the only real "character" in the book. However, the woman he refers to as Mara/Mona, drawn from June Edith Smith, his second wife, is the most completely examined other "person" in his work. He tells the reader almost nothing about her in Tropic of Capricorn, introducing her at first as a near-mythic creature, as much legendary Goddess as earthly woman, but in Sexus and Nexus, as he tells the story of the origin of their romance, their eventual marriage and the eventual dissolution of their relationship, Mona (as she is finally called) evolves into a fascinating, mysterious woman who the author never ceases to love in some way but is never able to really understand. The shifting emphasis on chords of power, rage and empathy as the couple's...

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