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The Trojan war is an actual fact it took place in about 1250 B.C.. This war was between the Greek city-state of Sparta and Troy an other civilization which is now represented by the countr... Read more
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In the Trojan War, the gods decide to take sides as to whom they favor most. The Greeks and Trojans are fighting a war started by a dispute between three gods, so different gods take different sid... Read more
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There has been much debate regarding the historicity of the Trojan War. The main conflicting issues include the reliability of the Iliad and if the legendary war occurred or not. However evidence has ... Read more
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Recent archaeological excavations have served to confirm the earlier work by Schliemann, Dorpfeld and Blegan, who initially worked on the premise that Homer's Iliad was sheer legend. Through their ext... Read more
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Various Archaeologists have made their own contribution to our knowledge of Troy and the possible occurrence of the Trojan War. Schliemann is one such archaeologist who made a significant contribution... Read more
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Archaeological and written evidence reveals that women of the Trojan War, even though they had many qualities, were thought to be inferior to men to the point of objects and slaves. Archaeological ... Read more