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Trainspotting Summary
Irvine Welsh

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Trainspotting Summary

Plot Summary

Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh is an irreverent and uncompromising portrait of the heroin subculture in Edinburgh. The narrative cycles through a number of different users, pushers, scam-artists, and general hooligans, though it focuses on a core group of five addicts. The novel is essentially the vision of a group of young men who have chosen to drop out of polite society in search of brief, luminous chemical joy.

The novel focuses primarily on Mark Renton, a Leith heroin addict who intermittently tries to kick the junk. He and his fellow addict, Spud, defraud the government of unemployment benefits to fund their habit. They have a mate called Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson, a charming sometime pimp. His illegitimate daughter dies a crib death early in the novel. They also have several non-addict friends: Tommy, a sex-obsessed innocent; Davie, a service-worker; and Begbie, an alcoholic sociopath.

Tommy's girlfriend breaks up...

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