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Toxins in Everyday Life Many of the substances naturally found in the environment or released by modern, industrialized society are harmful to humans and other living creatures. Common toxins include ... Read more
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Toxins A toxin is a substance that is harmful to living organisms. Toxic effects can be the result of exposure to toxins. Since World War II, the use of chemicals, especially synthetic ones, has incre... Read more
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Poisons and Toxins Poisons and toxins are molecules that are harmful to living organisms. it is important to note that virtually any substance can be harmful at high enough concentrations--as Paracels... Read more
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Biotoxins The term biotoxin refers to naturally occurring, poisonous agents that can cause illness or injury to humans, animals, and marine life. They may come from bacteria, fungi, algae, or virii. S... Read more
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Toxins Toxins are chemicals or physical agents that exert a toxic effect on living organisms. Toxic means poisonous: that is, causing a reaction with cellular components that disrupts essential metabo... Read more