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Topology Topology is sometimes called "rubber-sheet geometry" because if a shape is drawn on a rubber sheet (like a piece of a balloon), then all of the shapes you can make by stretching... Read more
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Topology: the Mathematics of Form Overview Mathematics began in earliest times as a collection of practical methods for counting and measuring. In the nineteenth century a branch of geometry arose in ... Read more
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Topology Topology is the study of properties of objects that do not depend on geometric measurements, and that do not change when the object is stretched or distorted without tearing. Topology is divi... Read more
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Topology Topology is the study of the properties of spaces that are insensitive to continuous deformations. Physicists recognize several different subdivisions of topology. The simplest is called poin... Read more
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Topology The ancient Prussian city of Königsberg contained seven bridges. According to a tradition among the residents of Königsberg, it was impossible to walk over all seven bridges without... Read more
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