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To Be or Not to Be (1942 film) Summary
Ernst Lubitsch

Everything you need to understand or teach To Be or Not to Be (1942 film) by Ernst Lubitsch.

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To Be or Not To Be Summary

Summary and Analysis

The film begins in Warsaw, Poland, in August 1939. Everything is normal until Hitler appears in Warsaw, and then everyone stops to stare. The people try to figure out how he got here and whether his appetite has grown to desire Poland as well.

A young boy, Wilhelm Gustev, comes to ask for a tank that he was promised for a good report card. The man asks the boy whether he will show it to his father and tell him that Hitler gave it to him so that his father will like him better. Then the boy says that his father doesn't like Hitler at all, upon which Hitler enters and says, "Heil myself."

Suddenly, the director begins to yell at everyone to stop the performance. He doesn't want the play to become funny since he wants it to be a very...

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To Be or Not To Be Film Summary

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