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Timeline Summary
Michael Crichton

Everything you need to understand or teach Timeline by Michael Crichton.

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Timeline Summary

Plot Summary

Timeline is a multi-dimensional adventure spanning two unsequential centuries. The story takes the reader from the futuristic world of high-powered technology brokers to the gritty reality of fourteenth century France. Author Michael Crichton, famous for his scientific thrillers, creates a time-travel scenario based on modern day quantum physics. The evil and brilliant Robert Doniger, head of International Technology Corporation, develops a quantum technology that allows human beings to travel to ancient times. Intent on profiting from his discovery, Doniger secretly buys up the land surrounding two ancient castles and a monastery along the Dordogne River in France. Dordogne hires a team of top-notch Yale historians to excavate the site in preparation for its eventual reconstruction. Without informing the historians, Doniger simultaneously sends his own people back to medieval France to document the proper reconstruction details for the site.

Professor Johnston and Assistant Professor Marek become suspicious when one...

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