Till We Meet Again Summary
Judith Krantz

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Till We Meet Again Summary

Till We Meet Again spans the period of the two world wars, and the issues surrounding the wars are a major thematic concern. Krantz portrays the folly of diplomats, as their maneuvering plunges Europe into a conflict that destroys the Edwardian world. As the singer Maddy, Eve Coudert also sees the monotony, futility, and horror of war, while entertaining the troops.

At the outset of World War II, Delphine illustrates the naivete and pride of the French, refusing to acknowledge the menace of Hitler or the vulnerability of the Maginot Line. Bruno, Paul's son by his first marriage, displays a covert anti-Semitism and the greed of the speculating bankers. Although cynically aware that Chamberlain's concessions are dooming Europe to another great war, Bruno half-admires Hitler, and to gain money and status, he collaborates with the Nazis.

Like all of Judith Krantz's novels, Till We...

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