This Stranger, My Father Summary
Robert Hawks

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This Stranger, My Father Summary

This Stranger, My Father raises several questions. What is the basis for loving an individual? If everything we know about someone is a lie, would we still love that person? Do we ever really know another person or, for that matter, do we really know ourselves? Do we all wear masks, and sometimes masks upon masks? Can love survive deceit? While definitive answers to these questions cannot be found in this novel, it does provide opportunities for reflection on their implications.

This Stranger, My Father is a rapidly moving, gripping adventure story. Included are many suspenseful and disturbing situations, occasionally leavened by humor and pathos. Always engaging, the characters and events are believable and fascinating. The main characters are forced to cope with previously unimagined and unexpected events. Yet, considering the father's past, events are logical. The daughter is unaware of the life led by her father twenty...

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