These High, Green Hills Summary
Jan Karon

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These High, Green Hills Summary

Karon's characters emerge from her books, two-by-two, like the animals on Noah's ark. She cannot resist pairing them off, making marriage an underlying theme.

Father Tim and Cynthia adjust to marriage after years of single life. Father Tim finds sharing his home and bed with Cynthia a source of wonder and pleasure, although his peace and quiet in the rectory is temporarily disrupted when Cynthia redecorates the old house and moves the furniture, but he admits that she improves it.

Always affectionate and sympathetic to Father Tim's needs as his marriage partner, Cynthia also becomes his "deacon."

She allays Mitford women's fears that she is an incompetent preacher's wife when she successfully hosts the first annual Primrose Tea. She calls on Miss Pattie, a duty that Father Tim always dreads, and helps him minister to Lacy, the abused girl from the Creek. They cope with Dooley's teenage rejection...

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