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Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Thendara House Summary

Human relationships appear in endless variety. Jaelle, although a Renunciate, lives as a Freemate to and is pregnant by her husband Peter. Magda explores womanto-woman relationships, both platonic friendship and lesbianism, in her affair with Camilla and her deepening friendship with Jaelle. The friendship between these women explore issues central to all females: how to maintain one's self-determination in relationships; how to balance dependence and independence of thought, feeling, and action in light of myriad contexts; how to be open about sexual doubts, fears, and ecstasies; and how to respond to the procreative imperative, the complex experiences of deciding to bear children, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. But for all of this, Bradley's vision of human interaction is not primarily sexual. Of deeper importance is the enduringness of friendship that emotional intimacy built on shared experiences between members of the same and the opposite sex; a friendship that frequently...

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