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The Zombie Survival Guide Summary
Max Brooks

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The Zombie Survival Guide Summary

Plot Summary

The Zombie Survival Guide is not a traditional novel. Instead, it is written as if it were a non-fiction guide to identifying and surviving attacks by the living dead. In the mythology of Max Brook's fictional books, zombies are reanimated dead who have been killed and taken over by the Solanum virus. Zombie attacks are often suppressed by the government and the media, and average people must be prepared to fight to survive against these flesh-eating undead. The Zombie Survival Guide explains how.

"The Undead: Myths and Realities" explains that zombies are human bodies infected with the deadly Solanum virus. The virus kills the body and then takes it over, creating a new undead "brain" that drives the zombie to kill and eat humans, although it cannot digest them and needs no food. Zombies are slow and shambling but do not tire. The Solanum virus also protects the...

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