The Witches of Eastwick Summary
John Updike

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The Witches of Eastwick Summary

As it is in most of Updike's other longer works, the importance of the individual person's struggle to understand his or her place in the universe and comprehend the meaning of life are major themes in The Witches of Eastwick. Bereft of the comforts that conventional living provides to so many individuals, the three heroines are forced to look within themselves, and to each other, to discover some purpose for living. While he avoids being overly philosophical, Updike manages to place his heroines in situations where they must question their role as women and as mothers. Each confronts in some way a personal tragedy, causing all three to reflect on the transitory nature of life. Even their fecundity and their almost rapacious desire to engage in sexual activity have metaphysical implications: As they enjoy the fruits of behavior which leads to procreation and continuance of the species, they...

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