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The Winning of Barbara Worth Summary
Harold Bell Wright

Everything you need to understand or teach The Winning of Barbara Worth by Harold Bell Wright.

  • The Winning of Barbara Worth Summary & Study Guide

The Winning of Barbara Worth Summary

Wright develops his concept of ministry through work as the central theme. He pits business for the sake of money only, with no regard to how it affects people, against business which also makes money, but serves man and in a larger sense, the world. In this instance, bad business is represented by the Eastern capitalists who are willing to invest large sums to develop the desert basin, but not one penny more than is necessary to control the river through its wooden headings, spillways and gates. Although the Company is advised time and time again to replace the cheap structures with concrete and steel, they refuse, because it would mean a much greater investment without a greater return. Jefferson Worth's approach to business and his Western common sense represent the antithesis of the Company.

Once again this Harold Bell Wright novel touches on the...

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