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The Welcome Table Summary
Alice Walker

Everything you need to understand or teach The Welcome Table by Alice Walker.

  • The Welcome Table Summary & Study Guide

The Welcome Table Summary


Old Black Woman

Nearly blind, with a lean build and a grayish tone to her skin. She wears a mildewed black dress with missing buttons and a grease-stained headrag covering her pigtails. She has blue-brown eyes, is ashen in appearance and very wrinkled. She is perspiring from her walk and is shivering from the cold. She enters the white church and sits, singing in her head. She is physically thrown out of the church. She sees Jesus walking down the highway and is giddy with joy. Jesus tells her to follow him and she does, walking alongside him. He looks just like she thought he would, and he listens to her sing and talk to him. She feels great beside him and can walk as long as he wants. She tells about her hard works for whites and the injustices done to her. She feels his kindness and instantly...

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