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The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" Summary
C. S. Lewis

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The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" Summary


In Prince Caspian, Caspian swears an oath to Asian that he will search for the seven noble lords who were sent on a suicide mission across the sea by the usurper Miraz.

For Narnians, swearing by Asian is very serious business; to actually swear an oath to Asian in the flesh is a matter of the utmost urgency. Thus, after taking a few years to settle the turmoil in Narnia caused by the civil war from Prince Caspian, Caspian undertakes a voyage to the east, trying to follow the lost lords.

Caspian was a very courageous and honorable young man in Prince Caspian; in The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader," he has grown taller and broad shouldered, to become the image of the ideal king. He leaves Narnia in the care of the Dwarf Trumpkin, the "Dear Little Friend" of Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edmund in Prince Caspian. Trumpkin's...

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