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The Vig Summary
John Lescroart

Everything you need to understand or teach The Vig by John Lescroart.

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The Vig Summary

Plot Summary

The Vig is the second novel by John Lescroart that features former district attorney Dismas Hardy. In this novel, Hardy is working as a bartender at the Little Shamrock when his former office mate, Rusty Ingraham walks in. It seems that a criminal who threatened to kill them both is scheduled for release from a federal prison. Ingraham is concerned and sets up a calling schedule with Hardy, but misses the first scheduled call. Hardy goes to his barge and finds a bloody crime scene, convincing him that the ex-con has stayed true to his threats. The Vig is a suspenseful novel filled with twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing until the final page.

Dismas Hardy is tending bar at the Little Shamrock. This is a bar that he earned a quarter percent stake in when he solved the mystery of the murder of his...

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