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The Valley of Horses Summary
Jean M. Auel

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The Valley of Horses Summary

Plot Summary

The Valley of Horses is the second novel in the Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel. This novel begins where Clan of the Cave Bear ended, with Ayla alone and searching for the Others. At the same time, the novel follows the adventures of two brothers, Jondalar and Thonolan, who are on a Journey together. When a cave lion Ayla befriended attacks Jondalar and Thonolan, Ayla is able to save Jondalar and nurse him back to health. With Jondalar, Ayla begins to learn about the people from whom she came and to discover the excitement of new love. The Valley of Horses continues Ayla's story in a new and exciting direction that brings Ayla acceptance of herself and a chance at love.

Ayla makes her way north, the direction Iza told her to go in order to find people of her own. Ayla travels so long that...

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