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The Valachi Papers Summary
Peter Maas

Everything you need to understand or teach The Valachi Papers by Peter Maas.

  • The Valachi Papers Summary & Study Guide

The Valachi Papers Summary

Plot Summary

"The Valachi Papers" by Peter Maas, provides an account of the internal workings of the Cosa Nostra, the Italian arm of the criminal underworld in the United States, as provided by one of its members. Joseph Valachi is a soldier in the Cosa Nostra for thirty years. He largely escapes jail time, but during the latter part of his "career," he receives a twenty year sentence on a narcotics charge. Valachi has just begun his sentence when he is whisked away to New York by Federal agents. The agents hope to pressure Valachi into talking about his drug operation by threatening him with another narcotics charge. Valachi refuses to talk and is returned to the Federal prison in Atlanta. Crime boss Vito Genovese is serving time at the same facility. He becomes suspicious that Valachi may have talked and puts a mark out on Valachi. Under the overwhelming...

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