The Tricksters Summary
Margaret Mahy

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The Tricksters Summary

In The Tricksters, seventeen-year-old Harry (Ariadne) Hamilton is the middle child in a family of five; she is at once awkward and romantic. She defines her romanticism in the pages of the novel she is writing—a romance populated by Lady Jessica, Prince Valery, and the dark-winged villain, Belen.

When she and her family visit Carnival's Hide, their vacation home, for Christmas and New Year's, she is astonished to find the secret characters of her novel reincarnated in the form of three mysterious brothers, Ovid, Hadfield, and Felix.

Throughout a turbulent holiday, full of the comings and goings of friends and family and the secrets and jealou' sies they bring, Harry struggles to solve the mystery of the strangers and to take her place in a family where she has always felt overlooked and neglected. Harry serves as the catalyst through which family secrets are revealed and...

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