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The Toni Morrison Dreams Summary
Elizabeth Alexander

Everything you need to understand or teach The Toni Morrison Dreams by Elizabeth Alexander.

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The Toni Morrison Dreams Summary


"The Toni Morrison Dreams," by Elizabeth Alexander, was first published in issue 75 of Hanging Loose; next it appeared as part of Alexander's third collection, Antebellum Dream Book, published by Graywolf Press in 2001. "Antebellum" refers to the period before the American Civil War (1861—1865), and its use here suggests that this collection of dream poems though set in the second half of the twentieth century are of a time before race relations have evolved into a harmonious state of equality. A dream book is a collection of narratives that have dream-like qualities, which means that they mix rational and irrational elements sometimes presenting improbable events as ordinary or based on fact. To say these are dreams is to sanction this departure from verisimilitude, to allow for surprise and illogic which are the stuff of dreams. So the title alone suggests that the collection is a series of dream-like scenarios or...

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