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The Tenth Power Summary
Kate Constable

Everything you need to understand or teach The Tenth Power by Kate Constable.

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The Tenth Power Summary

Plot Summary

The Tenth Power is the third novel in The Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy by author Kate Constable. In this novel, Calwyn, is a talented chanter from the city of Antaris on Tremaris. Calwyn is in the process of returning to Anatris with two of her friends in tow, after running away from the sisterhood a year earlier. Calwyn returns to the priestesses of Antaris because she has lost her powers from chanting. While Calwyn is hoping that her sisters to care for her and coddle her, she finds instead that the place she once called home is in great despair. The sisters hope that her return will save them and save their land.

Calwyn takes readers into the lives of the different groups of people that live on Tremaris, while she tries to regain her powers. The former High Priestess and the woman that is like a mother...

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