The Soulkeepers Summary
G. P. Ching

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The Soulkeepers Overview

G.P. Ching's Soulkeepers is the story of 15 year-old Jacob Lau. After Jacob and his mother are in a car accident, Jacob awakens to a crumpled car and a missing mother. Police cannot find her body. Jacob goes to live with his Uncle John in Paris, Illinois. Dr. Silva, the neighbor of Jacob's uncle, is a fallen angel. It is she who informs Jacob that he is Horseman, a warrior of the Soulkeepers. As such, he has special powers which he has never before realized. Jacob discovers that his mother, also a Horseman, is being held in Nod, a land inhabited by fallen angels. He knows that he must free her. The main themes are acceptance, good versus evil, and the need for hope.

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