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The Songlines Summary
Bruce Chatwin

Everything you need to understand or teach The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin.

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The Songlines Summary

Plot Summary

THE SONGLINES records the visit Bruce Chatwin makes to Australia as a student of cultures, languages and the evolutions of humanity in all its forms. He has come to study the Aboriginal Songlines out of a fascination that began in his childhood with Aboriginal culture and an adult fascination with their similarity to other transient people groups, having studied Bedouins, gypsies, and the writings of several thinkers who believe walking the earth is the way men are best suited to experience it.

His guide as he travels the Outback in search of anyone who will teach him is Arkady Volchok, an Australian-born man of Russian descent. Arkady has befriended Aboriginals since his youth and committed himself to preserving their sacred places and making sure those protections are reflected in the laws that govern all Australia. Arkady takes Chatwin from one Aboriginal settlement to the next, helping him find...

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