The Shepherd Moon Summary
H(elen) M(ary) Hoover

Everything you need to understand or teach The Shepherd Moon by H(elen) M(ary) Hoover.

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The Shepherd Moon Summary

Today's late-twentieth-century world is radically different from what it was like just one hundred years ago; how much more different will it be in the forty-eighth century, over twenty-seven hundred years in the future? What empires will have arisen and fallen?

What great scientific discoveries will have been made and lost? In H. M. Hoover's novel The Shepherd Moon, we discover a world at once strange and familiar. The polar icecaps have melted and have long since drowned the great coastal cities of our era. Cataclysmic wars have been fought. Outer space has been conquered. Great orbital cities have been built and then virtually forgotten. Humanity has had to make the long hard climb out of barbarism on several occasions.

Some things, however, have not changed. The wealthy still lord it over the poor. Adults still mistreat their children. The Shepherd Moon centers on three such children: Merry...

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