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The Second Ring of Power Summary
Carlos Castaneda

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The Second Ring of Power Summary

Plot Summary

The Second Ring of Power by Carlos Castaneda shows the author meeting his fellow sorcerer's apprentices, surviving plays for power, and learning to live impeccably, to dream, and to pay attention to the other world.

Carlos Castaneda, graduate anthropologist and apprentice to sorcerer Don Juan Matus, returns to central Mexico to learn from colleagues Pablito and Nestor what really happens when they leap into the abyss. He first encounters Pablito's transformed mother, Doña Soledad, who suddenly looks young, tries to seduce and restrain Carlos, and would have choked him to death had a terrible entity not emerged from Carlos head and thrown her off. Lidia, Rosa, and Josefina, whom Carlos had thought to be Pablito's sisters turn out also to be Don Juan's apprentices and an odd set of characters. Rosa is injured when they assault Carlos and he is again saved by that mysterious entity.


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