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The Robber Bride Summary
Margaret Atwood

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The Robber Bride Summary

Plot Summary

The Robber Bride offers a startlingly human look at the underlying reasons and results of the feminist movement of the 1960s. The novel interweaves the stories of its three female protagonists as it pieces together the history of their common enemy, Zenia. Tony, a history professor who specializes in battles, sets out to chronicle Zenia's life story as a series of battles. Zenia may not have been aware she was fighting battles, acknowledges Tony, but she left devastation in her wake wherever she went. Tony and her friends, Roz and Charis, have the misfortune of meeting up with Zenia at college. Had they not all become victims of Zenia, Tony, Roz and Charis would have made unlikely friends, but their shared pain gives them a common bond after Zenia makes off, one by one, with each of their husbands.

Tony likens Zenia's betrayal to a mugging. It seemed...

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