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Analysis of Poem - "The Road Not Taken" Robert Frost Luyan Louise Li Like many of Robert Frost's poetry, "The Road Not Taken" takes on an appearance of being just a simple narration, however, as Cia... Read more
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`The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost is a poem that has a definate message for readers. The poem is about choices and the impact that our choices have on our life's journey and ultimately how these ... Read more
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I like Robert Frost's poem best. At one hand, his poems are easy to understand. At another hand, though they appear to describe very simple things, it is no doubt that they contain deeper mean... Read more
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Two texts that explore inner journeys are "Cosi" written by Louis Nowra and the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. In text a realisation or understanding results from the journey taken. In "Co... Read more
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Robert Frost's poems have seemed to have some similarities. They generally appear to describe simple things. In `Fire and Ice', Frost considers whether it would be better to freeze to death or burn t... Read more
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Good poetry explores interesting ideas in interesting ways as they captivate the responder by stimulating the responder with thoughts. This is executed with the composer's use of poetic techniques. Fr... Read more
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Focus question-Imaginative journeys An ezine article is being written for a website dealing with the topic of the journey. Write the article that would be posted assessing the various journey texts ... Read more
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A journey is a term which implies travel or movement from one position to another. However this definition restricts the full scope of ideas that journeys can represent. Journeys are such that they ca... Read more
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The theme of carpé diem in poetry reminds us to `seize the day' and truly treasure every experience. Every day, opportunities await us and we must decide whether to take the chance or play it saf... Read more
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"The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost The literal meaning of this poem is about a traveler that is on a road and at this point of this poem it splits into two paths. The traveler wishes that he cou... Read more
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Who is Robert Frost, and how does The Road Not Taken symbolize with his life? Frost was a simple man. He also made decisions that the ordinary person would not have made. Frost left Harvard University... Read more
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"The Road Not Taken" TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the und... Read more
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The Road Not Taken Robert Frost's poem -- The Road Not Taken -- is a poem that depicts the narrator standing in the woods. He is faced with a fork in the roads, and has to choose to travel one of th... Read more
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The Explication of "The Road Not Taken" There will always be times in life when a decision that defines destiny and alters the course must ultimately be decided. Life is road, and Robert Frost, the ... Read more
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