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The Right Stuff Summary
Tom Wolfe

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The Right Stuff Summary

Plot Summary

Test pilots may be the cockiest, most arrogant young men in the world. While at every stage of their training candidates quit, wash out or die, those who persist begin to recognize and live by an unspoken set of standards and assumptions summed up as having "the right stuff." Their wives are subject to the unwritten rules and standards, as well, and they comprehend the very good chance that their husbands may die. It is understood that part of military service involves early sacrifices for later rewards. For the pilots, the greatest reward is to be chosen to test planes at Muroc (later Edwards) Air Base. The planes that fly the fastest and highest are tested by the best pilots, and in the late forties and fifties, the best of the best is Chuck Yeager.

Despite rumors that it is impossible to fly faster than the speed of...

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