The Refugee Summer Summary
Edward Fenton

Everything you need to understand or teach The Refugee Summer by Edward Fenton.

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The Refugee Summer Summary

In the summer of 1922, when Greece was at war with Turkish Anatolia, Nikolas lived with his mother, caretaker of the Villa Pandora, in Kifissia, an aristocratic suburb of Athens. Everything was quiet and peaceful, until the Averys (an American family) rented the villa. Soon after, the striking Madame Arnauld, her daughters Nadine and Stephanie, and their Greek "uncle" moved into the villa next door. High-spirited, bored with grown-ups and in search of adventure, the five children decide to form a secret society called the Pallikars, after a group of young men and women who fought for freedom during the Greek War of Independence. Their secret society and the "seeds" they do (deeds in Desperanto, the language they create), are all a game to them until reality and the war upset the quiet suburb. When the Pallikars begin to glimpse what true suffering really is, they decide to do...

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