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The Recognitions Summary
William Gaddis

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The Recognitions Summary

Plot Summary

In this sprawling and largely-forgotten novel of 1952, author William Gaddis takes as his theme the fake, the flaky, the fraudulent, and the phony in religion, the art world, academia and every nook and cranny he can put under his satirical microscope. In its scope, the novel is as broad as Balzac, as beat as Kerouac, and as rhapsodic as Thomas Wolfe. The characters, an always-changing stream of individual egos pitted against an absurd world, are by turns funny, desperate, deluded, and myopic. Gaddis bites off a huge chunk of the world but does a masterful job of breaking it down for the reader so that in its particulars, the human comedy unfolds in all of its compulsive reactions to fear in a post-war nuclear age. By carefully excavating all the manifestations of fear on human behavior, Gaddis succeeds in showing the reader how corrosive the need to adopt...

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