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The Purple Flower Summary
Marita Bonner

Everything you need to understand or teach The Purple Flower by Marita Bonner.

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The Purple Flower Summary


The Purple Flower, by , an AfricanAmerican writer of the Harlem Renaissance, is a short, one-act play first published In Crisis magazine m 1928 and is, as noted by Joyce Flynn In Frye Street and Environs: The Collected Works of Marita Bonner, "generally regarded as Bonner's masterpiece.." Although it was never performed in her lifetime, Bonner was awarded first prize for The Purple Flower m the 1927 Crisis magazine literary awards

The Purple Flower is an allegory for racial relations In the United States, although It could be applied to the conditions of oppressed people anywhere In the world, at any point in history. The play includes two sets of characters. First there are the Us's, who represent African Americans Then there are the White Devils, who live on the hill, located "Somewhere," atop of which grows the purple Flower-of-Life-at-Its-Fullest. The Us's live In the valley and spend their time trying to...

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