The Plains of Passage Summary
Jean M. Auel

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The Plains of Passage Summary

Acceptance is not as important an issue in The Plains of Passage as it was in The Mammoth Hunters: Ayla is accepted easily by five different CroMagnon communities. Love, on the other hand, continues to be important as Ayla and Jondalar cement their relationship, and jealousy is no longer a disturbing factor. Ayla and Jondalar, especially in their lovemaking, become models of giving and sharing for a young girl who was a victim of rape and does not want to mate. The most pressing question in Ayla and Jondalar's relationship is when and if their love will express itself in the form of a child. Ayla, the Cro-Magnon superwoman, has figured out that men impregnate women during sexual intercourse and has used a drug as birth control to prevent pregnancy on their journey.

Jondalar, however, worries whether Ayla will ever get pregnant and have a child of his...

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