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The Penguin Complete Saki Summary

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The Penguin Complete Saki Summary


Reginaldappears in Reginald, Reginald on Christmas Presents, etc.

One of the main characters for several of the stories. The first two sections of the book are titled for Reginald as are most of the stories within those sections. Reginald has a dry humor that is sometimes very subtle. Most of the time Reginald's humor comes at another person's expense. He is apparently very young as evidenced by a conversation with a man in which Reginald says that anyone who reaches the age of thirty has "failed in life."

Reginald is a vain person and talks several times about clothing. He seems incredibly rude on several occasions and seems not to care that others see him as rude. Despite this, he seems to be very much in demand though this is never explained. Reginald is clear on the fact that many others have shortcomings, as is evidenced by the...

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