The Other Woman Summary
Sherwood Anderson

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The Other Woman Summary

There is a cluster of interrelated themes in this deceptively simple story, all of which may be more effectively considered as aspects of a general psychological state, by no means abnormal, than as distinct topics, each sufficient unto itself. Since they permeate the story and must permeate any serious discussion of it, some of their substantive material has already been touched on above. These themes, as applied to the central figure (protagonist is too heavy a designation for him here), are as follows: (1) living a "secret life," and what it is like to live a "secret life," i.e., opting to dwell temporarily (as conditions permit) outside present reality, and within an alternate and much more desirable world of the mind; (2) beginning a "new life," whereby the "secret life" or "dream life" may somehow become a reality on however limited a basis; (3) wanting to have the best of...

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