The Other Side of Midnight Summary
Sidney Sheldon

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The Other Side of Midnight Summary

Sheldon enjoys using topical issues in his books. During the early 1970s the public was following the marriage of Jacqueline Kennedy to Aristotle Onassis. He had risen from obscurity to become one of the world's richest and most powerful men. Horatio Alger's books are the prototypes in American popular fiction for how an impoverished person, through his determination and talents, can overcome all obstacles and become wealthy. Alger's heroes were morally perfect characters; however, the abilities that bring success to a magnate may also mark him as a very dangerous man.

The world of business transcends all national frontiers, so a reader can learn a great deal about modern Greece and the other locales Sheldon uses in this novel, as well as about World War II.

Sheldon typically makes beautiful women the victims of his ruthless tycoons. In the highly melodramatic plot, Catherine Alexander...

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