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The Necessary Grace to Fall Summary
Gina Ochsner

Everything you need to understand or teach The Necessary Grace to Fall by Gina Ochsner.

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The Necessary Grace to Fall Summary


Gina Ochsner's story, “The Necessary Grace to Fall,” is the title story in her award-winning collection published in 2002. It tells the story of Howard, a well-meaning but mediocre man who works in the claims department of an insurance company. As he processes insurance claims made on behalf of the dead, Howard becomes morbidly fascinated by death. He is trapped in a bad marriage, and his life seems to be going downhill, but at the end of the story, he is granted a moment of illumination that gives him a new sense of purpose. This is typical of Ochsner's stories, many of which end on a positive note in which the protagonists find new strength to continue with their lives. Ochsner stated in an interview with Rob Felton that she thinks of herself as a writer of faith. She commented that “I have a deep abiding and intense faith in...

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