The Morning of the Gods Summary
Edward Fenton

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The Morning of the Gods Summary

Carla Lewis's peaceful life in New York City with her American father and Greek mother is shattered when her mother is accidentally killed. Almost immediately, her father decides to send Carla to Greece to spend the spring and summer with her Great-Aunt Tiggie and Great-Uncle Theo in a small fishing village below Delphi. Stories that Carla had heard during her childhood about ancient Greek myths come alive as Carla gets to know this different, yet strangely familiar country. With the loving help of Tiggie and Theo, she begins to accept the loss of her mother and embrace her Greek identity. Despite the peaceful nature of the village, however she becomes aware of the difficulties brought upon by the dictatorship governing Greece. And as she feels her "Greek self" emerging, she burns to defy the Junta—her anger and fear growing side by side—and she yearns...

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