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The Mezzanine: A Novel Summary
Nicholson Baker

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The Mezzanine: A Novel Summary

Plot Summary

The Mezzanine: A Novel is a stream-of-consciousness novel which covers the thoughts of Howie, a 1980s mid-level office worker, during his one hour lunch break. Howie works at the mezzanine, one of the mid-level floors in his office building, and his job is unclear. We never learn the author's full name, his real job, anything much about his family or life. Instead, Howie serially recounts his thoughts, one after another, as they come to him.

Howie's thoughts jump around events in his life, but are all anchored around the events that transpire during his lunch hour, from his ride up the escalator, to his trip to the men's room, his brief conversation with an office secretary, the snapping of his left shoelace, going to the CVS down the street to buy new shoelaces, and reading Marcus Aurelius's Meditations after eating a hotdog, a cookie and drinking some milk...

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