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The Mauritius Command Summary
Patrick O'Brian

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The Mauritius Command Summary

Plot Summary

Captain Jack Aubrey is appointed Commodore and sent to capture the French-held islands of La Reunion and Mauritius. Using a small fleet and drawing support from the British-held island of Rodriguez, Aubrey sets about reducing the French Indian Ocean fleet. Aubrey's particular friend, Stephen Maturin, assists by making intelligence contacts, distributing anti-French propaganda, and gathering local intelligence. After many months and several setbacks, Aubrey and Maturin are ultimately successful and both islands are captured from the French.

Aubrey's command is hampered by the fact that the French forces on land and at sea are superior in number and weapons. Also, Aubrey's nearest base is nearly three thousand miles away at Cape Town, and in addition to prosecuting military conquest he must protect British commercial shipping from India. His French opponent wisely declines combat on any but the most advantageous terms. Aubrey proceeds with his characteristic vigor, however, and...

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