The Mammoth Hunters Summary
Jean M. Auel

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The Mammoth Hunters Summary

As alienation was an important theme in The Clan of the Cave Bear (1980) when Ayla separates from the Neanderthals, so acceptance becomes an important theme of The Mammoth Hunters as Ayla desires to join people of her own kind. Ayla is beautiful and gifted, but her background and her superlative skills make her stand out among people of her own kind as much as she stood out among the Neanderthals. The question is both one of social class — can she be accepted after living among people who are considered subhuman — and one of genius — can a person with talents and understanding far beyond the norm still be received as an integral member of a community and allowed to develop her talents and practice her skills?

Related to the theme of acceptance is the theme of romantic love. The love between Ayla and Jondalar was an...

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