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The Lotus Eaters: A Novel Summary
Tatjana Soli

Everything you need to understand or teach The Lotus Eaters (novel) by Tatjana Soli.

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The Lotus Eaters: A Novel Summary

Plot Summary

The book begins with a quote from Homer's most famous work, "The Odyssey."

"....we reached the country of the Lotus-eaters, a race that eat the flowery Lotus fruit...Now these natives had no intention of killing my comrades; what they did was to give them some Lotus to taste. Those who ate the honeyed fruit of the plant lost any wish to come back and bring us news. All they now wanted was to stay where they were with the Lotus-eaters, to browse on the Lotus, and to forget all thoughts of return..." (Preface).

The protagonist, Helen Adams is the main character in Tatjana Soli's "The Lotus Eaters." Helen is a naïve girl that arrives in Vietnam from her home in California. Helen's interest in the war began with her father's experiences in Korea and then her brother's death while serving with the Marines. Helen decides that...

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