The Lonely Silver Rain Summary
John D. MacDonald

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The Lonely Silver Rain Summary

Like all the Travis McGee novels, The Lonely Silver Rain deals with readily identified social concerns, but the novels are never simply topical; invariably, more general issues are raised, and these can be seen recurring throughout the series. In The Lonely Silver Rain, the cocaine problem of the mid-1980s provides the immediate subject matter, but a more basic sense of corruption and loss of values is evident both in this novel and in the series as a whole. In detective-novel convention, for instance, the client is invariably a sympathetic figure — perhaps foolish or naive but fundamentally innocent. In The Lonely Silver Rain, McGee's client is disturbingly unsympathetic: a retired real estate developer whose years of aggressive business dealings culminate in the sudden collapse of his wife during the construction of a long-awaited dream home and who remarries his gold-digger ex-secretary. They seem, on the whole, to...

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