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The Last Supper: A Novel Summary
Charles McCarry

Everything you need to understand or teach The Last Supper (novel) by Charles McCarry.

  • The Last Supper: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

The Last Supper: A Novel Summary

Plot Summary

The Last Supper by Charles McCarry follows the careers of three American intelligence agents, Hubbard Christopher and his son Paul, and their associate Barnabas "Barney" Wolkowicz from World War II through the Nixon years. At the end, Barney confesses to having been a Soviet agent all along and confirms Paul's growing suspicions of what has really taken place.

American novelist Hubbard Christopher marries in Germany and with his son Paul is expelled by the Nazis in 1939. His wife Lori is arrested. Hubbard joins The Outfit of American intelligence and spends the war in Germany looking for Lori and developing a successful spy ring. Meanwhile, Barney is posted in Burma during the war with the cowardly Wadsorth "Waddy" Jessup, against whom he swears vengeance. Barney gets himself posted to Berlin as Hubbard's second-in-command. The Outfit in Europe so successfully that the Soviets kill Hubbard.

Paul joins The Outfit in...

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