The Last Heroes Summary
W. E. B. Griffin

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The Last Heroes Summary

Secrecy is a theme that runs throughout the book. Everyone is keeping secrets from everyone else—Allies from Germans, neutrals from Germans; Roosevelt from his staff, and individuals from each other. These secrets are on the national, organizational, and personal levels. Roosevelt does not seem to confide in J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director; the American Volunteer Group (the famous Flying Tigers) is a secret entity drawn from the ranks of the Navy and Army Air Corps.

Personally, the secrets abound—sexual secrets, political secrets, and secrets about backgrounds. Indeed, with so many secrets (although expected in an espionage novel), it is hardly strange that these secrets are often guessed at by other parties with relative success.

This secrecy is not an evil thing so much as a necessary evil—and even then not all that evil. In this novel, as in most of Griffin's novels...

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